Winter Supplements

Mon November 1, 2021

With winter just around the corner now is the time to think about a game plan for supplement feeding for our animals. As available forage becomes scarcer, it’s important to make sure that we help our animals get the most out of what is in the pasture. There are a couple of ways to supplement the forage in the pasture: adding bales of hay to your feeding regiment or protein pellets containing a good protein source are two most people use. We offer pellets of various sizes depending on the animals you are feeding. We carry several varieties of hay in both square bales and the large, round bales. Another option for supplemental feeding is using a hard baked molasses protein tub. They come in a variety of sizes and protein content, again depending on what animals we are feeding. There is also a good mineral package in each of the tubs. Feeding mineral is another important way to keep your animals happy, healthy and producing thoughout the winter months. 

All this is to help ensure a healthy rumen in our animals. What is the rumen you may ask? The rumen is the first compartment of the stomach in most grazing animals, and it is important because it is where a large portion of the nutrients are broken down and absorbed with the aid of microflora (microorganisms living in the rumen). Rumen health is critical to the health of the animal!