Fall Food Plots

Sat October 2, 2021

Well, we’ve had our first taste of fall with a week of cooler weather; now it is the time to get those food plots ready for November. We have a few different options depending on your needs. 

The first and easiest option is ryegrass. It offers a nice plot of grass to feed your deer, and it can grow just about anywhere as long as it gets a little water. One fifty pound bag will cover about an acre. The next option is Bob Oats; these are a great source of fall and winter forage for cattle, horses, goats, and sheep as well as providing food plots for deer. You will need to rake them into the soil a little bit to ensure that they stay put so the birds and other small animals don’t eat or disturb them. One fifty pound bag will also cover about an acre. 

Finally we have “Super Buck Plot Mix.” It contains a mix of different forbs and legumes that deer love such as trophy rape, Dixie crimson clover, winter peas, oats, and wheat. This mix gives a broader option for forage for the deer. Again, one fifty pound bag will cover about an acre. 

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