Winter Supplementing

Sun January 3, 2021

Winter is officially here, and not a lot of rain to show for it. With the dry conditions and the country side getting more bare, those with livestock, exotics, and wildlife need to consider supplementing to keep your herds healthy. To utilize the poor quality forage we offer Hudson Livestock Supplements. These cane molasses tubs are designed as a “no waste”, weather resistant, and economical feed supplement. 

For beef cattle, sheep and goats try Power Lix 21 CGS. This is also ok for horses that might be in the same pasture. It offers 21% crude protein and many vitamins and minerals. 

For cattle ONLY, we have Power Lix 30 which utilizes urea, a non-protein nitrogen that cattle can convert with the poor quality forage consumption. This too has minerals and vitamins offering a 30% protein minimum. Do not use this tub if there are any other types of livestock in the pasture!

For our exotics and deer populations we offer several items that can be beneficial during the winter months. Many of you are already feeding corn and our pelleted feeds such as Mega Rack, and Exotic Antler Plus, but consider adding the Hudson Livestock Supplements specially made with molasses  and added peanuts. It is called Trophy Lix and comes in a 60 lb tub. This will not quickly disappear like the blocks you may be feeding, and it still offees 14% crude protein.  If you want a quick and easily eating supplement, we have our softer mineral blocks:  Record Rack, GX30-30, and West Apple Deer block, all weighing around 33 lbs. If you want a larger size, we carry the ADM Deer-Elk Block weighing 100 lbs. 

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