Fawn Season...

Wed June 1, 2022

With summer time here it’s time to talk about fawns and other young animals. We tend to try to be helpful when we come across them, even when it’s not necessary. Here is what Texas Parks and Wildlife has to say on the subject: With more people enjoying the outdoors this spring season, you may start to notice more wildlife in your backyard, neighborhood, or surrounding areas. Species including birds, deer, and snakes are active this time of year, and their young often stray or appear to be abandoned. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) experts caution against lending a helping hand. Animals that are most often picked up by well-meaning citizens are baby birds and deer fawns. However, it is important to realize that many such human-animal encounters are unnecessary and can even be detrimental to the wildlife concerned. 

The deer fawning season begins in early to mid-May. A newborn fawn’s mottled coat and mother’s care usually hides them from predators. As fawns mature, they shed these coats for a more adult color which causes them to catch the eye. A doe may leave her fawn for hours at a time while she is browsing for food. During that time people may spot a fawn lying alone in tall grass or in a brushy area. 

Many people interfere with the fawn thinking that they have been abandoned by their mothers and need help. This is rarely the case. Leave all young animals alone unless it is obvious they are injured or orphaned. To be sure, spend time observing the wild animal from a distance to make that determination. Staying too close may deter the mother from returning. Interfering too soon may do more harm than good. When in doubt, call the experts and let them make the call on how best to help our native wildlife 

Thank you for your continued support, 

Tanner Armke 

Store Manager, Double L Feed Ingram 

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