Buggy Feed?

Fri September 2, 2022

We have all been in the situation of opening up a bag of feed and noticing a little brown bug moving about in the bag. That is what is known as a weevil. They come in many different shapes and sizes, but the one we deal with the most is the grain weevil. 

How do weevils get in our feed? Well, it is quite simple; the female will bore a tiny hole into the grain and lay her eggs there, and in 4-6 weeks the larva will emerge from the grain, and start the cycle all over again. Luckily, they pose no threat to people or animals in anyway, In fact, they are especially safe for chickens since they eat other insects naturally. 

There are a few steps to help mitigate their presence around the ranch. First, make sure you are storing feed in a cool, dry environment to help reduce a hospitable habitat for them in our feed rooms. Second, spray insecticides around the feed storage area to keep them out of the area. Lastly, make sure to use older feed up first. If it’s not usable dump it somewhere away from everything and the wildlife can make use of it. While we may never fully get rid of weevils, we can at least try to limit their numbers. And remember, they pose no threat to people or animals if eaten. 

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