Broadleaf Control: 2-4D

Mon February 7, 2022

Many people think winter means time-off from lawn care - they’d rather just focus on yard work once spring comes. But the truth is lawn weeds do grow in the winter here in Texas. At this time of year we see broadleaf weeds crop up, and they can spoil the look of lawns. These weeds spread quickly, even in winter. Two prime examples are thistle and dandelion. Now is the perfect time to knock them back before the spring weather hits and they get out of hand. 2-4, D is an excellent option for taking care of any and most broad leaf weeds while not killing your grass. Be sure to coat the whole plant when you spray. This time of year most of the thistle and dandelion plants are actually flat rosettes of leaves growing low to the ground. And remember, whether we like it or not, lawn care is a year round event in the Hill Country if we want to keep things looking good and healthy. 

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