Keeping Show Animals Warm

Sun December 24, 2023

As we approach a cooler weather pattern, it is important to keep your show animals warmth and ulitmatley, health in mind.   While at home, bedding is important so the animals can bury down and maintain body heat.  Pine shavings are a great idea when it comes to bedding for all species.  At Double L, we offer a supreme, clean pine shaving with our Champion Shavings brand. 

Heat lamps are a great source of added warmth as well.  When using these at home, be sure to make sure the lamps are securley fastened to a stable surface for safety reasons.   The lamp should be positioned so that it will not cause excessive heat or burn the animal.  Make sure it is hanging at a reasonable distance from shavings or bedding.   Heat lamps are cheap and allow for fast and easy heat to be applied to specific pen areas.  Heat lamps work great for all species of animals.  

At Double L, we have several blanketing options for sheep and goats.  We offer the unique line of Weaver Brand under-blankets and blankets to keep your projects warm.  I always recommend washing them first in allergy free detergent before using.  

The fall season means alot of 4-H and FFA sutdents will be traveling to jackpot shows to get their animals out and work on showmanship.  While the weather doesn't always cooperate, it is important to do your best to protect your animals from the cold to keep them healthy and on feed.  While traveling with an enlosed trailer is always the best, if that is not an option for you, it is best to protect your animal from any cold draft or excessive winds.  Use a larger amount of bedding while traveling to allow the animal to keep warm and for extra support while riding in the trailer.  Most show barns do not allow for heat lamps, so finding a pen towards the inside of the barn is always a good idea to protect you and your animals from the weather.  

At Double L, we have all of the things you need to protect your animal from the cold weather this year.  Keep your animal warm and healthy so that you can have a successful show year!

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