Archery for All Levels

Wed March 10, 2021

Growing up in the mountains, shooting with my Dad, and later raising three sons, hunting has always been something I have enjoyed. There is something magical about being in the wilderness, and calling in wildlife either for photography or for hunting. 

This interest of mine has taken a new turn:   bow hunting. Naturally, working here, I have the perfect opportunity to learn! With my Mathews Jewel now in hand, I would like to give other NEWBIES a few pointers on what to ask & learn as you get started in this exciting sport.

  • Do you want to target shoot or hunt, or both?
    • The longer the body of the bow the more forgiving it is for accuracy.
  • What is your price range for the bow? Keep in mind there are necessary accessories like, quivers, arrows, sights, stabilizer, and release which can add up quickly. I suggest you know your whole budget.
  • What are you planning to use as a target?  A bale of hay isn’t the best backstop for a compound bow  - you need a suitable target designed to stop the force – remember these are weapons.
  • What is a whisker biscuit? Sounds bad right? No jam for that thing! It is the part on the body of the bow that the arrow rests in; a circle with whiskers that helps keep the arrow straight and helps it not move.
  • What is the D-Loop?  It is the thing on the string that the release connects to; the bow tech will put this on the string.
  • So what is the release? It is either a hand held, or a wrist strap with a clip on it, device that you use to grab the string. This helps with a smoother release of the arrow and is usually safer if you keep your finger or thumb off the trigger (just like any weapon) until you’re ready to shoot.
  • How the heck do you put the arrow on the string? Yes, there is a right way and a wrong way. Center the split end of the arrow called a Knock in the center of the D-loop after the arrow in inside/through the Whisker Biscuit.
  • How do I use the Sight and how do I adjust it?
  • How far away should I start with my target? Yes, you need to practice a lot on a target BEFORE you try hunting.
  • Can you teach me how to check the arrow for safety each time so I don’t get hurt!!
  • What is my draw length (how long should the shaft of my arrows be)?
  • How much can I draw, or what is the poundage I can pull back on the string?
  • What is the field tip (practice tip verse killing tip called a broadhead) grain and size I should be using?


I hope for anyone new to archery this will be helpful to you. I didn’t know anything about archery except I wanted to bow hunt! Stay tuned – I will let you know when I get my first Axis.