If you happen to be lucky enough to live “home, home on the range,” Double L Feed has product for you to take care of this resource. We carry native grass seed and mixes; these can be used to reestablish rangeland that has been abused and to establish feed plots for wildlife and livestock. 

If you want your land to provide those beautiful spring flowers, we also have native wildflower seeds of all kinds. If your range land is not producing the kind of forage you want, Double L Feed carries herbicides for treating everything from weed species to woody plants. Need expert advice on managing your range land? Come talk to Steve at Double L Feed in Ingram.

Are you planting grass? We keep a rolling stock of various grasses in stock to meet your seasonal, ornamental, and pasture needs:

Tank Dam Mix

  • Mixture: Ryegrass 40%, Bermudagrass 10%, Foxtail Millet (German) 10%, Teff Grass 10%, Blue Grama 5%, Kleingrass 5%, Sideoats Grama 5%, Tall Fescue 5%, Spar Bluestem 5%, and Wilman Lovegrass 5%
  • Best Use: Low till areas, ground cover, prevent soil erosion, best for sloped areas, cool and warm season mix

Pipeline Mix - 

  • Mixture: Kleingrass (Selection 75) 16.5%, Sideoats Gramma (Haskell) 16.5%, Wilman Lovegrass 16.5%, Spar Bluestem 16.5%, Annual Ryegrass 10%, Green Sprangletop 10%, Canada Wildrye 5%, Teff Grass 5%, Tall Wheatgrass 4%
  • Best Use: Recover disturbed ground, range mix, grass for pasture

Hardland Mix

  • Mixture: Spar Bluestem 30%, Switchgrass 20%, Sideouts Grama (Haskell) 20%, Wilman Lovegrass 20%, Green Sprangletop (Van Horn) 10%
  • Best Use: Recover range land due to brush control, grass for pasture

Timeless Three Way

  • Mixture: 70% Texoka Buffalo Grass, 25% Blue Grama, 5% Curly Mesquite
  • Best Use: Low growing native grasses for lawns, drought resistant, best in full sun

Do you have your own mix in mind? WE CAN GET IT!!