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Trey & Rebecca Ditmarr

Our roots run deep in this area, Rebecca and I were both graduates of Tivy High School. We were both very active in sports and were extremely active in 4-H and FFA. We both went to Texas A&M University, where we earned both undergraduate and graduate degrees. We are both extremely active in the community, with leadership roles in several organizations, like the Kerr County Livestock Show, Hill District Grandstand Show, and the East Kerr County 4-H. Rebecca is currently a program specialist with Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Service. When we were called and started our journey back home from College Station, she was able to maintain her position with Agrilife and office here. For those of you who do not know me, I am Trey Dittmar and have been manager of the Kerrville Double L location and Back 40 Supply for the past 8 years. I am a 6th generation rancher in Gillespie County, were with my family's help, I manage our family's cow calf and wildlife hunting ranches. Rebecca and I have direct ties to the land, giving us a leg up on understanding your agricultural needs. We have learned our work ethic from our parents and grandparents, and are trying to pass that down to our two daughters, Hayden and Paige.

Ben Strebeck - Bow Pro and All Around Great Guy!
Tanner Armke - The Bear also known as Uncle Nanner
Brian Jones - Delivery & Warehouse