Feeders & Blinds

Feeders & Blinds

With Double L, you can manage your exotics and grow better trophies using our full line of wildlife feeds and attractants including:

  • Corn (Flavored and Original)
  • Corn/split pea/pellet/milo/mix - 14% protein
  • Corn/pellet mix - 14% protein
  • "Z-Max" Corn/Soybean mix - 18% protein 
  • Nutrena Antler's Plus 20% deer pellets
  • Nutrena Antler's Plus 16% deer pellets
  • Record Rack Deer Feeds
  • HiPro GX30-30, West Apple, and Record Rack Berry deer blocks

Double L was the first feed store to fill wildlife feeders right on your property. Whether you require bulk corn, protein or a mixture, a variety of bagged products, or supplement blocks, we deliver the right product – at the right price – at the right time.

Wildlife Feeders

Whether it’s bulk feeders or backyard bird feeders, Double L has them!

We carry the complete line of Lamco wildlife feeders, Texas Wildlife Supply, Green Go Feeders, and Hang ‘em High Feeders.

When you buy a bulk feeder from us, you get everything you need – battery, varmint guard, stand – everything – with nothing else to buy.

We’ll help keep your backyard birds happy too, with all styles of bird feeders and wild bird feeds.