Wed June 1, 2022


Show Biotics is a broad-spectrum probiotic livestock performance supplement. While there are many probiotic supplements on the market, no product can match microbial diversity of Show Biotics. The success of this product is this microbiome diversity. An animal gut doesn’t consist of just 3, 9, or 14 species of bacteria like you can buy in other products. Show Biotics contains 15 major probiotic species and over an additional 360 minor supplemental good bacteria species to more thoroughly digest feed and maximize nutritional value. 


Yeti Sauce is the most powerful hair growth promoting product on the market. It is specifically designed to maximize hair growth in show animals. Its blend of high dose melatonin and other active ingredients trigger the hair growth mechanism just as day length does in the natural cycle. Not intended to be fed year round, this is designed to be supplemented the last 76-95 days leading up to the show. While we can extend the hair cycle, the animals’ natural hair growth cycle will still occur with shucking cycles throughout the year. Stop by Double L Feed in Kerrville to visit with us about these unique products that will help you get to the backdrop this Fall! 

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