A Better March at Back 40!!!

Wed March 10, 2021

I don’t think I am speaking out of turn by saying that thank goodness February is over. However, maybe the new normal is pandemics, apocalyptic ice events, and primitive living due to no power or water. Let’s hope not. Let’s hope that all that has happened in February breathes new and better life into a better March.  


We have had a better start to Mach here at Back 40 Supply than last month; we have a new shipment of Top Hat trailers in stock. On this load, we received a good supply of dump trailers just in time to help you haul off all the debris from this past winter storm. It also has a nice selection of light, medium, and heavy duty utility trailers. If you are in need of a good trailer to help you with your work this coming season, look no further than a reliable Top Hat Trailer from Back 40 Supply. Don’t wait too long, supplies are limited and availability is unpredictable.


If you are in need of a special order trailer, plan ahead. Wait times to get trailers built and delivered are extremely long. However, we are happy to spec out and get you a quote on the trailer you need to get the job done. Also, material cost and availability to build these trailers are continuing to rise, leading to an increase in trailer prices. Back 40 is doing everything we can to minimize these increases, and we hope they will be short lived. 


Keep in mind that Back 40 takes trade in on used trailers and will also take trailers on consignment in certain situations. If you are looking to upgrade your quality used trailer, or just don’t need it anymore, bring it by and let us see if it is something we can put on our lot. 


As we put each day behind us, we hope that we are moving and making our way to a more positive and normal way of life. Back 40 Supply is doing everything we can to minimize the impact of what “today” has become, and help you stay on the road to normalcy.  

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