The Fly Fight

Thu July 7, 2022

Flies are back, and they present not only a nuisance problem, but also a health problem to our livestock. Biting flies cause scarring and open wounds that can lead to infections and lesions that can be detrimental to an animal’s over-all health which directly affects their productivity. 

We have a wide range of products that can help thin out and even eliminate the problem. One of the easiest ways to combat flies is with sprays and powders. These are generally applied every few days and act as a short term solution. 

One of the better options is a feed-through fly control that the animal will eat and pass through the digestive system and reside in the animals’ excrement where the flies generally lay their eggs. This kills them at the source. These products come generally two ways: either a powder that you add to loose mineral or a molasses tub we call our “fly buster tub” which also acts as a protein source. 

The last method is to use a pour on; this option is generally only used on cattle due to their thick skin. This can also help control internal parasites as well to get a two-for-one punch. Usually this is either poured down the back of a cow or applied to an oiler sock that the cows can rub up against. 

We also have options to help our dogs and cats; they are just as likely to be bothered by flies. Stop by and see us, and we will help you figure out the best solution to help you and your animals fight off the flies. 

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