Stop the Itch - Flea Control

Mon May 3, 2021

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like without "bad" bugs? There are a few insects I am convinced have changed, and will continue changing, the world. Did you know the ‘Black Plague’ wasn't caused by an over population of rats... but the bacteria carried by the fleas on them?


As summer and sun start warming us up and bringing out the beautiful flowers & new life everywhere, it is also the perfect time for flea eggs to hatch out and hitch a ride on any host. Though I have heard that fleas are more canine and feline parasites, they are opportunists and bite, live, breed, lay eggs, and hatch their larvae on just about anything warm-blooded - even people. Are you itching yet? I don't know about you, but "plague starting parasites" are on my hit list, and now is the time to get a battle plan in place.




Knowing the life cycle of the flea helps you know what you're attacking and how often you need to re-attack. We have products to kill the adults on the animal as well as products that have IGR (insect growth regulator or ‘bug birth control’) to stop eggs from hatching into larvae.




Not only do these critters like your pets and livestock, they will also drop off on the lawn, in gardens, on furniture, and in cars.  Your 'BATTLE PLAN' should include a 3-phase assault:


1)    Bathe, drench, dip, or put drops on your pets or livestock and start the monthly flea pill for cats & dogs - we will point you to the right products.

2)    Bug Bomb your house & spray sleeping areas and seats in vehicles as the product directions state.

3)    Treat your yard, garden, paddocks, & pens.


We have products that are safe for animals, get rid of multiple insect problems, and some that can even fertilize at the same time and be used in vegetable gardens.


We look forward to helping you launch your attack on the small but mighty flea. In the aftermath of flea bites, though the enemy is dead, be prepared to repeat this fight as necessary if eggs hatch. Ask us about feeds & products to help heal your animals' war wounds. We have some awesome feeds & ointments to ease the itch.



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