More Trailers Hitting the Lot!

Mon May 3, 2021

I get asked at least twice a day, “Are you getting out of the trailer business? You sure don’t have many trailers on the lot.” The answer is, no, we are not getting out of the business, and I have a lot of trailers on order. Like everything now days, availability and supply of products are making it difficult to get trailers delivered. We are working hard to try and stay ahead of things and keep trailer deliveries on the horizon. We currently have close to 100 trailers on order staged out so we can maintain a flow of trailers into the store and do our best to meet your needs.


Hitting the lot this month is a mixed load of just about everything, from light duty single axle trailers to double axle heavy duty trailers of all sizes from Top Hat. Single axle trailers are ideal for hauling lawnmowers and other yard equipment, taking UTVs or ATVs out to your property, or hauling your gear on your next outdoor getaway. These small utility trailers are light weight and easy to haul, great for hauling off debris from around your house or materials for your next weekend project.


Need to do some heavy hauling or move some equipment around?  This next load of trailers has a good supply of 16ft, 18ft, and 20ft heavy duty utility trailers. These bumper pull trailers will come with a 7k, 10k, or 14k total carrying capacity. These are true work horses, and being a Top Hat trailer, you know you will be able to rely on them day in and day out. Come in today and let’s talk about your equipment hauling needs so that we can get you into the exact trailer you need to get your jobs done.


Have you ever wondered how many friends you have? Buy a brand new Top Hat and all your friends will be calling asking you if they can barrow it. Come by Back 40 Supply today and let us help you determine the right utility trailer for your needs.  

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