Put Fall Leaves to Work

Wed December 2, 2020

Leaves, leaves everywhere- beautiful colors, but a lot of work, right? While raising my family we learned to turned our fall clean up into beautiful, deep, dark rich soil for growing. Fall is a good time to get your ground  started for spring...all those leaves you’re raking up can make great mulch to create warmth around plants, provide bedding for livestock, or be piled thick over your garden plot for decomposing. Why not start a compost pile?  Composting isn’t hard. The key is in layering:   green waste, brown waste, and soil. 


So what constitutes green waste? Grass clippings, shredded prunings, animal manure (avoid waste from carnivorous animals), kitchen fruits, and vegetable scraps, (even egg shells sparingly can be used). You want to avoid meat, fats, bones, and dairy. Brown waste would be your leaves, shredded newspaper, sawdust (avoid certain types), cardboard, and straw. When layering, be sure to end with a brown layer or soil to avoid fly issues. The rains will help break down the organic matter, and if you feel it’s necessary, turning the compost can be helpful and promote faster decomposition into black gold. At Double L Feed we have Medina Ag Products to help encourage the soil microbes, thus making soil creation faster. There is truly a difference between dirt and soil!.


Consider adding compost starter, soil activator, or humus to your flower pots and beds. For more information, go to  www.medinaag.com  Ideally, Medina Plus and Soil Activator is best to apply just before a rain, otherwise you need to plan to water them into your soil. 


Have fun with the family piling up those leaves this fall, and create memories that have the potential to feed your family well into the future.