The Ants Come Marching One by One..

Mon April 5, 2021

"Its dance time in Texas and we're striking up the band." Its spring time, and as you read this, 200,000 fire ants are busy having a party around your yard and/or pastures. Their mounds are piled high, eggs basking in the warm sun, hatching by the thousands, waiting to sting when you least expect it. Underneath the surface they have an intricate tunnel system which can stretch as far away as 25' from their main structure, giving them limitless access to your yard and pastures.

It's time to have your own party; let us help you take control of your yard and pastures. "Have you two-stepped lately?" Not the dance. An approach at managing fire ants is called the 'Two-Step Method.'


Step One involves baiting the ant with products such as Amdro, Award, and Over n Out. These products are processed corn grits coated with soybean oil and pesticides.


  • Use fresh bait from unopened containers (last year's Amdro will be less effective than a new bottle).
  • Apply when the ground and grass are dry, and no rain is expected for the next 24 to 48 hours.
  • Apply when worker ants are active.
  • Apply with hand-held seed spreader.
  • Do not apply baits mixed with fertilizer or seed.


Step Two is treating each individual mound. Whether you prefer synthetic chemicals or organic chemicals, either will work for step two.  With chemicals such as dust products, no water application is required, and they usually act quickly. Unfortunately they will leave a surface residue. Liquid drenches will usually eliminate a mound within hours and leave little surface residue. Granular products are fast- acting and require putting granules on and around the mound followed by 1 to 2 gallons of water, without disturbing the mound. Organic products can also be used, but the recommendation is to pour 2 to 3 gallons of boiling water on the mound; this should kill the ants around 60% of the time. One thing to note is that this method can potentially cause the ants to move on to another location as well as damage the surrounding grass or vegetation. (Boiling water doesn't just kill ants!)


Two-step your way to an ant-free yard and pasture by choosing from one of our many selections of baits and extinguishing products. Come by either Double L Feed location, and let us help you put a stop to the ant invasion.