October LAMCO Wildlife Feeder Sale

Mon October 16, 2023

LAMCO Feeders have long been a staple of quality and reliability in respects to wildlife feeders here at Double L Feed. LAMCO produces a superior line of wildlife feeders for all your feeding needs. At LAMCO, they understand how important it is to have a reliable feeder that will give you years of trouble free use. Their patented line of protein and corn feeders designed to feed whitetail deer and other exotic species, and their wild bird, pet, fish, and alfalfa hay feeders are all designed for strength and durability. They pride themselves in producing feeders that are easy to fill and easy to move. In most cases, no ladders are needed! 

For ultimate convenience, LAMCO offers a Low Profile Road Feeder that fits below the tailgate of your vehicle and does not have to be removed when opening or closing the tailgate. 

Made in Texas, Double L Feed is proud to be your Hill Country Dealer for the complete line of LAMCO Wildlife feeders. Just in time for hunting season, Double L Feed wants to help you get a new reliable LAMCO feeder in front of your stand this season by taking 5% OFF the entire line of feeders. In addition, we are taking another 5% OFF the entire line of stand and fill models. That is 10% OFF 350#, 600#, and 1000# Low and Throw feeders. LAMCO Feeders come ready to go with a timer (The Timer), battery, and solar panel. Come by and take a look today, while supplies last.  

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