NEW Superderm Solution!

Tue January 4, 2022

We would like to introduce to you a new product that we are carrying made by Choice of Champions. It is a new and unique product that helps with those hard-to-deal-with skin issues on all livestock. SUPERDERM SOLUTION is formulated through a complex, multi-staged, synthesis process using USDA certified bio-based products to produce a wetting agent with a base of colloidal micelles. 

The electrostatic properties of this uniquely formulated product attract debris and microorganisms away from the skin like a magnet. The elimination of these stress factors allows the normal and healthy function of skin to be restored. 

Ingredients: Processed extracts of coconut, corn, soybean, and tree sap formulated with amino acids, fatty acids, alkanolamines, and nonionic surfactants. 


 -Non-toxic, non-carcinogenic 

-Safe for human contact 


-Readily biodegradable 

-No dyes or perfumes 

Stop by Double L Feed and learn more about this product to help you with any skin issues you might be facing in your barn.